Endrefalvai Közös Önkormányzati Hivatal

In English

The village is of middle age origin: It used to be land of the Zách clan. After the on Felicián Zách on the 17th of April in 1330 it became property of the Ákos clan. In 1548. before the Turkish period the landlords of Endrefalva were Bálint Pelényi and Ferenc Barkóczay. In the sixteenth century it became part of the Turkish occupation. In 1585 Mohamed bin Ali was the land lord of the settlement. The Roman Catholic Church of the village was mentioned in the papal document of 1332-37. The church was destroyed under the Turkish occupation and the present church was built in 1905. The village’s separate part towards the direction of Piliny is called Babat. In the village there is a primary school, a club for the elderly, a nursery, a culture centre and a library as well.

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